MFH XVIII – Secrets of Moonlight

Hosted by Merchants of Dreams

Secrets of Moonlight

Secrects of Moonlight finish PNG

28.09.2018 – 28.10.2018

ONLY FULL medieval & fantasy theme shops;
No reseller, freebie or business in a box, no malls;
High quality; Clothings must be male AND female or Unisex;

Accepted participants will receive the merchant-box as soon as possible.
If you are accepted and get your Merchant Box, you have to rezz the hunt-sign !!!

The hunt item may not be changed in size. It renames itself automatically.
The hunt item should either be for both male and female or unisex

You MUST join the Medieval Fantasy Hunt Group for the whole duration of the hunt this is the ONLY way we will contact you.

Application deadline is the 15th of September.

15th of September – the Orga Team will do a dry run and any participant that has not placed the sign will be removed and another participant will take their place.

16th of September – We will send the final Hunt-Items – the hunt-items have to be rezzed. You don`t have to fill it now BUT REZZ IT

Until 20th of September – Please send the NC “MFH XVIII – Hint/SURL (store-number)” Notecard to Sweetgwendoline Bailey

27th. of September at 12:00 PM SLT – Huntitem must be filled and hide. Everything should be placed
– Hunt sign
– Hint on sign
– Hunt Item set
– Info to orga sent: NC with hint and SURL to hidden item

To join Medieval Fantasy Hunt Group,
copy the text into your chat window and then click the green text :
Hunt Pictures here
Hunt Partizipants & SURLs  here
Hunt Application here

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