Info for merchant

Welcome to the 7th Medieval Fantasy Fair.

Date: 09. March 2018 – 18. March 2018
Theme : Medieval and / or Fantasy ” Land of Dreams”

Here some info about the event process:

Set Up: Setup starts at 12pm SLT at the 5th of March
All stores we find empty by noon ( 12 pm) SLT at the 8th of March will go to someone on the waiting list.

We send the landmark prior this date.
We will include the Fair poster then again, that you have to rezz in your main store.

Rezz group : Merchant of Dreams
Don’t forget to join.

If you will be accepted, you will get more informations about the fair

  50 Prim ~ Basic =   500 L$

100 Prim ~ Regular =  750 L$

150 Prim ~ Sponsor =  1000 L$

(Your Shop will be placed near the landing point, advertising on the Website, Blogger and Sign at the Landingpoint.)

We inform separately about the Mini Hunt.

Gachas are allowed. We make a Gacha Area.

For any more questions , we are here to help you:

Eldowyn Inshan

 Sweetgwendoline Bailey


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