The Creators of Fantasy Thank You…..


Die Fair ist nun vorbei. Wir bedanken uns alle ganz herzlich bei den Besuchern, Händlern und den Bloggern.
Ein ganz besonderes Dankeschön geht an die Leute, die gepostet haben und so aus der Fair einen vollen Erfolg machten. Wir hoffen, wir sehen uns bei der nächsten Fair im September wieder.

PS: Händler haben Zeit bis morgen die Shops besenrein zu hinterlassen ^^


The fair is over now. To all the visitors, Merchants and Bloggers: Thank you very much!
Special thanks go to all who helped making the fair a complete success due sending notices, newsletters, writing blog entries and so on. We hope to see you again at the next fair in September.

PS: Merchants have time until tomorrow , 1st of April, (no joke!) to clean their stores out , before we begin to return prims


Last Day !

The last chance to enjoy the Fair grounds, grab the specials, play the games…. gates close at midnight

The Mused Door

Bambi Chicque, sole Designer and Photographer for BamPu Legacies Art, Photographs and Designs blogs about the Fair.
Highlighted here: Les Encantades & United InshCon.

BamPu Legacies of SecondLife

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"The Mused Door" by © Bambi Chique “The Mused Door” by © Bambi Chique

I am thrilled to assist in blogging for the


March 21 to April 11, 2014

First I must insist…..

You have to go the fair not only to browse and shop,

but Eldo and her associates have created a “performance to the eye” market

with a captivating castle and a ghostly maze to find all the shops!

While there, you may also enjoy splendid areas to pose and snap photos!

It’s quite impressive!

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I have 3 gowns that I want to flaunt from Anouk Haiku of Les Encantades!

“Absolutely stunning and perfect for your medieval roleplay affairs!”

I am elated with her detail, design with texturing skills!

The gown flows perfectly when jousting about and posing!

Please Note:  The gown is an exclusive item for the fair


Shalott Bloody Onyx Gown & Cape by Les Encantades Shalott…

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Medieval Fantasy Fair III

Try not to get lost and best have a torch and a crucifix with you
when you leave the dark castle. Guarded and watched by Card soldiers,
you enter a maze of dark paths lined with fifty stores full of
formidable wares. Be scared and cautious all along the way, and be sure
to have seen all fantastic and blood-curdling scenes and secrets.
Your mission : search for the black roses that , so the legend say, contain wondrously gifts.

50 stores of the medieval – fantasy theme await you with their wares,
44 Stores have a black rose hidden for you with extra prizes.
Some Merchants have gacha machines direct at the landing area.


Medieval Fantasy Fair III.

via Medieval Fantasy Fair III.